Zlatan Ibrahimovic has said that if his statue looked anything like the first exertion of Cristiano Ronaldo’s then he would have let go the craftsman.

Showing up on the Late, Late Show With James Corden, the LA Galaxy striker was demonstrated a photo of his model (being taken a shot at present) contrasted with that of Ronaldo’s which became famous online a year ago… furthermore, the Swede affirmed he would not have been cheerful if his had turned out the same.

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Not content with being the best footballer on the planet (his words), Ibrahimovic likewise went up against the mantle of being the best soothsayer on the planet too (once more, his words) when he partook in a play propelled by Tom Hanks’ great 1988 satire “Huge”.

To put it plainly, Corden unearths an old fortune-telling machine at the carnival. In go the dollar greenbacks and, after a false begin or two, out pour the pearls of intelligence from Zoltar/Zlatan.

“Too simple, Zlatan wins dependably,” the Swede jokes at the very end, which is genuine – unless obviously he happens to discuss Galaxy’s last three diversions.