Manchester United's Paul Pogba not at Steven Gerrard levels, says Rafa Benitez

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba has revealed to TyC Sports he would love to play with Neymar one day.

In a meeting with La Liga’s site two years back, Neymar sung Pogba’s gestures of recognition and expressed a desire to play in an indistinguishable side from the Frenchman.

“I recall [what he said]. I extremely like him, as well,” Pogba told the Argentine TV channel. “He is genuinely the meaning of delight on the pitch. He additionally has this.

“I realize that in Brazil, football is everything. It’s life. Everybody plays football in Brazil. When I see him play on the pitch and having a good time, with his strategy, his nimbleness … I want to watch him play.”

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Referred to for his remarkable design sense and his unmistakable style of play that bears signs of the road football he grew up playing in the Parisian rural areas, Pogba sees in Neymar another man with his own interpretation of the diversion.

“It’s an alternate style. He has his own style,” Pogba said. “When you say Neymar anyplace on the planet, everybody knows his identity and what he does. For me, it would be a delight to play with him one day.”