Ex Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg has undergone hair transplant surgery to conceal his “humiliating” uncovered spot.

Clattenburg, 42, had the procedure at the Medical Hair Restoration Clinic in Manchester, which is part-owned by none other than Ryan Giggs.

The official, who has assumed responsibility of both a Champions League final and an European Championship final, had thousands of hairs from the back and sides of his head joined onto the crown.

REVEALED: MHR Clinic’s latest success story, referee Mark Clattenburg. …

Former Premier League ref Mark Clattenburg gets transplant surgery

Mark Clattenburg has refereed a Champions League final and a UEFA European championship final and now he has added another notch to his belt – a hair transplant.

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“I was refereeing in the Premier League and I was humiliated watching myself back on TV as my hair was subsiding,” Clattenburg told the MHR Clinic.

“The certainty I have now, strolling around with a full head of hair from what it resembled, is extraordinary.

“I can style it and gel it and get things done with it that I’ve never possessed the capacity to do previously.”

Welcome to an overcome new universe of item and partings, Mark