BASEL, SWITZERLAND – Manchester City captain Kompany says they don’t have a feeling of inadequacy in Europe however concedes they have failed to meet expectations in the Champions League.

City have just gone past the round-of-16 of the opposition once – in 2015 when they were beaten by Real Madrid.

They were beaten by Barcelona in both 2013 and 2014 – losing each of the four legs – while last season they were thumped out by Ligue 1 side Monaco on away objectives run the show.

Zip Guardiola side have been given a kinder attract the round-of-16 this year against Swiss champions Basel, and Kompany says they can be fruitful in the event that they keep on improving.

“I wouldn’t call it a feeling of inadequacy however an absence of experience without a doubt,” Kompany told a news gathering. “We’ve been gotten out a couple of times on events when we shouldn’t have yet I think things have changed at this point.

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“In the event that there is a year, if there is a period, if there is a minute when the club is prepared to feel at home in the opposition, at that point it’s currently.

“I’m not going to state it’s a short time since a few groups never win it, yet in the event that consistently we will run with a similar certainty, at that point if not this year or the year from that point onward, but rather in the end we’ll arrive. I’m certain of it.”

City go into the tie pursuing a phenomenal fourfold with the group as of now 16 focuses clear at the highest point of the Premier League, in the last of the Carabao Cup and contending in the FA Cup and in addition the Champions League.

Yet, Kompany demands there has been no discussion of winning every one of the four trophies among the players in spite of their splendid frame up until this point.

“I can sincerely say, the key thing that I’ve seen with this group – which I can’t state will get all of us the trophies or how far it will get us – yet so far it’s the capacity to switch back on for each and every diversion.

“[We have] inspiration, regard for the rivals and the way that we will get ready effectively and will do the correct things to be a 100 percent when we play.

“That is one thing I haven’t encountered yet in any of the groups I’ve been in previously. Discussion of the fourfold – none – yet winning the following diversion and the following amusement and the following diversion and that conviction, dependably.”